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Origami Triangle Ball 


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Origami Triangle Ball 

Written By: Joe Hudy 


Scissors (1) • Origami Paper (40 pieces) 

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Origami Triangle Ball 

Step 1 — Origami Triangle Ball 

• You need 40 pieces of square 
origami paper. 

• In the next step I will show you how 
to make a Triangle out of a Square. 

Step 2 — How to make a Triangle out of a Square. 

• Start with a square piece of origami 

• Fold in half. Then unfold. (Picture 

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Origami Triangle Ball 

Step 3 

• Fold the upper left corner to the first crease with the new crease starting at the lower left 
corner. (Picture #1) 

• Turn over and repeat step 1 . (Picture #2) 

• The equilateral triangle is complete. Cut out along creases. (Picture #3) 

Step 4 

• I decided to cut a template piece out of cardboard. (Picture #1) 

• Instead of folding each piece, I traced the triangle and used an X-Acto knife to cut them out 
of the paper. 

• You need to cut 40 triangles. 

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Origami Triangle Ball 

Step 5 — Fold your triangles 

• Fold triangle in half, folding one corner to another corner. (Picture #1) 

• Repeat with the other two corners. (Picture #2) 

Step 6 

• Fold the triangle to look like picture #1 . You will have to reverse some of the folds. This is 
called a Triangular Waterbomb Base. 

• Fold another triangle the same way. After you have made it into the Triangular Waterbomb 
Base, turn it over and press up on the center. This is called a Triangular Preliminary Base. 
(Picture #2) 

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Origami Triangle Ball 

Step 7 — Build modules 

• Set the Triangular Waterbomb Base on the table and put the Triangular Preliminary base 
on top of it. (Picture #1) 

• Wrap the corners of the Triangular Preliminary Base around the sides. I flipped mine over 
for a better fold. (Picture #2) 

• Picture 3 shows a finished piece. 

• Make 20 of these. 

Step 8 

• Notice the Tabs and Pockets on 
the module. (Picture #1) 

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Origami Triangle Ball 

Step 9 — Assemble modules 


: V - 



• To join two modules together, simply place one tab on top of the other and slide together. 
(Pictures #1 and #2) 

• Continue joining modules to make a 5-sided shape. (Picture #3) 

Step 10 

• Continue in the same way with the 
rest of the pieces. 

• Finished model! 

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